POLYSHINE's raw material source is absolutely reliable

Sustainability ensures that we must provide reliable quality and warranty services.

In fact, the procurement of raw materials has always been the most important part of POLYSHINE. We have maintained long-term and stable cooperation with world-renowned PC raw material suppliers such as Sabic, Covestro (formerly Bayer) Teijin Chemical and LG Chemical.
  • Shabiq SABIC

  • Cosmic (Bayer)

  • LG Chemistry

  • Emperor Chemistry

  • Mitsubishi Chemistry

Pincheng's current production capacity has reached 100,000 tons/year.

The effective release of production capacity allows us to gain the advantage of centralized procurement of raw materials to reduce risks and costs

Supplier Conference in SABIC

Supplier Conference in SABIC


As a long-term important raw material channel for POLYSHINE

We have been in the forefront of China for many years.