Modern Agriculture • Working together for sustainable agricultural development and a healthy environment
Energy conservation and environmental protection has always been the direction of POLYSHINE's efforts. We have provided the best green lighting materials solutions for modern garment greenhouses, maximizing the economic impact of crop yields without damaging the environment, effectively reducing or Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
For many years, POLYSHINE has been committed to the development of PC materials and anti-fog technology to improve the stability and durability of greenhouse-specific materials. In order to meet the application needs of different customers, we have launched a greenhouse product portfolio, anti-fog drip hollow sheets that can not be wiped off, a new type of U lock sheets, POLYSHINE's first patented corrugated hollow sheets
  • Special Sunshine Board for Pincheng Greenhouse

    Suitable for Wenluo Arched Multi-span Greenhouse

  • Pincheng locking plate

    Suitable for large-span steel structure greenhouse

  • Pingcheng corrugated sunshine board

    Suitable for large-span steel structure greenhouse with high load

Good materials should meet the following characteristics

    Thermal insulation


    High light transmittance






    UV coating


    10 years warranty


    Light weight

Potential applications










More applications, please look forward to










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