• Material Development Platform

    Selection recommendation and technical scheme output based on customer demand;
    Develop new products and upgrade products according to industry trends.
    Responsible for the stability of mass production of new products;
    It can directly connect with customers, understand the key needs of customers and make internal transformation.
    Output of cost-effective technical solutions and final products

  • Structural Development Platform

    For the design of pre-product structure and the output of product application plan;
    The risk in the process of product use is identified by simulation in advance.
    It can quickly respond to customers'needs and identify the risk points of product development and application in the early stage.
    Preventive measures should be taken in advance.

  • Process Verification Platform

    For the pre-process design and post-process enlargement of new products;
    Support production process optimization and upgrading;
    Feasibility evaluation of internal process equipment;
    Risk points can be identified by process amplification to ensure the stability of batch product quality.

  • Application Evaluation Platform

    For meeting the requirements of conventional mechanical, physical, flame retardant, optical and other validation evaluation;
    To assist R&D platform in product pre-development and verify the rationality of the scheme;
    It can also respond quickly to customer needs.
    Improving Reliability and Quality Stability of Product Design

R&D equipment
Material Physical Property Testing Laboratory has more than 20 advanced instruments and equipment of various types.

It can detect the mechanical, optical, thermal properties, thermal oxygen, humidity, low temperature, UV aging, flame retardant and other functions of materials. It is one of the few manufacturers in the industry with comprehensive testing capabilities.

  • Main uses

    Standard Samples of 90T Injection Molding ISO and ASTM

    Yizhimi Injection Molding Machine

  • Main uses

    New Product Development of 35-Diameter
    Twin-Screw Extruder Extrusion Granulation

    Rhea extruder

  • Main uses

    L * a * b * value determination

    X-rite Chromometer

  • Main uses

    Standard Light Source D65 F Yellow TL84 UV Ultraviolet Light Source

    Light Box CAC-600-Four Light Sources

  • Main uses

    Measurement of transmittance and mist ASTM D 1003

    Transmittance/atomicity tester

  • Main uses

    Tensile, bending, modulus, creep, ISO, ASTM and other standards

    Universal testing machine

  • Main uses

    Charpy impact strength

    Cantilever Beam Pendulum Impact Instrument

  • Main uses

    Izod impact strength

    Pendulum impact tester with simply supported beam

  • Main uses

    Preparation of notched impact splines

    Notch prototype

  • Main uses

    Taber Wear Resistance Test

    Wear-resistant tester

  • Main uses

    GB/3398、 ISO2039、DIN53-456 Hardness

    Spherical hardness tester

  • Main uses

    Evaluation of Low Temperature Properties of Materials

    Cryogenic Refrigerator (-40 C)

  • Main uses

    Vicat softening point and thermal deformation temperature

    Thermal Deformation Vika Tester

  • Main uses

    MFR, MVR Testing, 100-400 ℃

    Fuse finger tester

  • Main uses

    Element Detection of EU RoHS Standard

    ROHS Detector

  • Main uses

    Density accuracy 0.1 mg/cm3

    Density tester

  • Main uses

    Accuracy0.0001 g

    Precision Electronic Balance

  • Main uses

    IEC and GB Standards GWIT、GWFI

    Hot wire tester

  • Main uses

    UL94 Flame Retardant Grade Evaluation

    Horizontal vertical burner

  • Main uses

    20-300 ℃

    High temperature blast oven

Through continuous improvement of equipment and standards

In the future, the company will also plan to apply for a national accredited material testing laboratory to provide testing services for the industry and third parties.