Career development

Talent Cultivation
Wholeheartedly, comprehensively and omni-directionally
  • Newcomers, Xiaobai, no worries, pre-job training to help you quickly enter the working state.
  • That is to say, learning for use, multi-level circular training system, unconsciously in the work skills plus code points! This is the core competitiveness!
  • More advanced, more open, more flexible, tripartite training institutions support, continuous learning, continuous upgrading;
  • Incredible higher benefits, job skills, degrees, specialties, incentives and tuition reimbursement, yes, this is only in Pincheng!
  • Professional posts, different dimensions of learning, excellent reserve cadres regular job rotation exercise, real three-dimensional experience
Professional Talent Development Mechanism
  • From quantitative change to qualitative change, management personnel and technical personnel step-by-step planning, value-added step by step;
  • Do what you can and love to do, and take into account the staff's humanized work allocation mechanism to achieve common development;
  • Refusing to work hard, we insist on result orientation, speak with ability and performance, regularly invite full-time candidates, and select core talents.
  • Put aside the educational background, forget the qualifications, honesty and merit, only for the distribution of elite talents;
  • Shake off your arms, open up your potential, tap the potential of talents in depth, invite you to join the enterprise for promotion.
Please send your resume to the mailbox hr of Pincheng Personnel

Competitive salary and benefits

  • Salary and Five Insurance and One Pension

    Competitive Salary: Monthly Salary + Performance Year-end System
    Old-age insurance + medical insurance + unemployment insurance + industrial injury insurance + maternity insurance + provident fund

  • Annual paid leave

    Except for statutory holidays, every employee is entitled to paid annual leave after one year's work

  • Bonus incentive

    According to the company's operating indicators, Department performance, personal work contribution, enjoy multiple incentives such as monthly bonus, special work bonus, year-end bonus, etc.

  • League building activities

    Every Department enjoys a group construction fund every year. Let's eat and play together after work.

  • Staff activities

    Cultural Month Sports Competition, Development and other special activities, let you release youth

  • Festival Care

    A variety of holiday activities / gifts to accompany you during the holidays, and more congratulations on your birthday, marriage, birth

  • Gymnasium and Leisure Place

    Full-equipped gym + comfortable book bar, rest area

  • Brunch supply

    A good and cheap brunch away from gutter oil

  • Superior living environment

    Free dormitory with air conditioning, water heater and network. Commuting buses, fuel subsidies