Totally enclosed sound barrier - POLYSHINE provides you with the best material solution
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Fully enclosed sound barrier

POLYSHINE provides you with the best material solution


Extra! Extra!

POLYSHINE's Participation in the Welfare Project

All-enclosed Sound Barrier Viaduct of Hongmei South Road

No. 29 will be officially opened to traffic!

This is POLYSHINE's participation in the whole country in recent years.

Seven Major Fully Closed Sound Barrier Projects



On-site workers are busily installing Paved POLYSHINE PC Sheets.


Two-way 4-lane main passage

Design Speed 80km/h

10 minutes out of the river tunnel

Can reach the Central Ring Elevated Line

So fast and expected throughput

The impact of traffic noise on living areas along the line is very small.

All this is due to

Fully enclosed sound barrier of Hongmei South Road viaduct

The average noise reduction is 25-30 DB

Achieving the Requirements and Standards of Urban Five Sound Environments

Fully Sound Barrier of Hongmei South Road

Speaking of sound barriers

You may have seen upright

Or curved

This fully enclosed sound barrier

In the past, it was not normal

Whatever type

They are all used for governing.

Urban Noise Pollution with Different Requirements

With the rapid development of economy in recent years

New Town Expansion and Old Town Reconstruction

New addition of highway Viaducts

Increasing number of cars

Noise pollution is complex and diverse

People pay more and more attention to environment and quality of life

Against this background

The effect of noise control is more ideal.

More and more applications of full-enclosed sound barrier

More and more applications of full-enclosed sound barrier

More and more applications of full-enclosed sound barrier


Is the effect good?

Screen material is also exquisite!

Good sound insulation!


Fire retardant!

Anti-ultraviolet ray!

Weatherproof and applicable!

Energy saving and environmental friendly!

Special Endurance Plate for POLYSHINE Sound Barrier

With all the above properties!

Burning Acrylic Screen Material

Burning Acrylic Screen Material


Base on Customer Demand, Improve Quality and Service

At the beginning of 2017, POLYSHINE introduced the production line of BREYER (only two in China) all imported optical grade endurance plate extrusion equipment, which has been put into production. The new production line will focus on improving the production standards and product quality of PC sheet industry products.

German BREYER All-imported Production Line

German BREYER complete import line supporting facilities

Mass Manufacturing Centers (14 Production Lines)


n order to ensure product quality, Sabic, Bayer and other world famous brands are used as raw materials. We also promise to provide 10-year quality assurance service for our products. Let customers buy at ease, use at ease.

Sabic raw materials being supplied on the production line

Sabic Raw Material Waiting for unloading


POLYSHINE Sound Barrier Projects

Yanfang Line of Beijing Metro

Noise Barrier of Zhengzhou Metro

Wuhan Light Rail Noise Barrier

Hangzhou Micro High Speed Sound Barrier

Guangming High Speed Sound Barrier

Beijing Metro Changping Line Phase I

Sound Barrier of Beijing Changba Contact Line

Beijing Metro Changping Line Phase II

Beijing Metro Changping Line Phase II

Viaduct Sound-proof Barrier in Zhengzhou Section of Beijing-Guangzhou Railway