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Winning 2018

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New Year is just around the corner, purple air comes east and everything is renewed. On behalf of POLYSHINE Group, I would like to extend my sincerest greetings and thanks to all POLYSHINE Staff who have contributed to POLYSHINE's development in various periods, as well as customers, partners, comrades-in-arms and people from all walks of life who have long cared for and supported POLYSHINE.


In the face of the complex and harsh market economic environment and fierce market competition in the whole polycarbonate industry in 2017, POLYSHINE people struggled hard to overcome adversity and went through a difficult journey of creeping forward. Upstream raw material prices continue to rise, fierce competition for major projects has not hampered the belief and confidence of each POLYSHINE staff to go forward courageously. As the saying goes, "Heaven is strong, gentlemen are constantly striving for self-improvement." Prudential still upholds a positive and upward state, fulfills every promise to customers on time and with quality, and provides considerate customers service. In the same year, our BREYER optical extrusion equipment imported from Germany went into operation smoothly and solid sheet quality improved a lot; we focused more on the main industry and continued to increase R&D investment; focused more potential markets and value customers, and actively participated in cross-industry new product research and development; at home, we adhered to compliance management and strengthened internal control and management. To improve the efficiency of enterprise operation; to continuously improve the working environment of employees and pay attention to the rights and interests of the POLYSHINE Staff.


Wave goodbye to 2017, the DOG Year comes to the earth to welcome the Spring Festival, and in 2018 we will forge ahead. We will always focus on the annual key goal of " Winning 2018 – Excellence in products, sincerity in innovation, leading the industry ", and adhere to the implementation of the four core "enterprise interests first as the core"; "customer needs and improve customer service as the core"; "The core is the collaboration between the central departments"; the core is the continuous improvement of quality and the creation of new products"to carry out all kinds of work.


" Excellence in products " - We will always firmly establish the concept of quality first, strengthen quality control, and enhance the brand influence of polycarbonate products. We should take "customer demand" as the orientation, take "continuous improvement of quality" as the core, practice the customer service concept of "high molecular new material experts around you, provide systematic solutions for you", implement total quality management, and realize the overall upgrading of quality, so as to promote the brand of enterprises with the promotion of quality as the driving force. Construction. We should take quality and benefit as the center, further promote the Lean quality control management mode, take lean production as an effective means to improve production management, take customer demand as the guide to pull the production value stream, establish a long-term mechanism, encourage the participation of all staff, and establish the craftsmanship spirit of craftsmanship. Let the responsibility bear the mission, let the quality cast the brand.


“Sincerity in innovation " - we still need to practice and develop the spirit of innovation that is integrated into the soul of enterprises. We will continue to increase our investment in independent innovation and R&D of new materials, new technologies, new functions and new structures, focusing on the long-term problems and difficulties in the industry as a whole. Our R&D needs to be more radical, impulsive, ridiculous, bolder and more dominant, with the ability to integrate the industrial chain, cooperate with upstream raw material suppliers, product demanders, our partners, and even the manufacturing departments within Prudential to try to bring our own frontier R&D achievements into commercial production as soon as possible. More importantly, we need to innovate and practice new business models and profit models in marketing so as to provide systematic solutions for industries and partners who really need them, to cooperate closely with partners in a more open attitude, and to build a win-win industrial ecological chain. We are committed to improving the quality of human life with plastic products. In POLYSHINE, innovation is a kind of initiative, a kind of responsibility and spirit of freedom. We should let our own belief become the trust of all people. That is the greatest sincerity and integrity of POLYSHINE for the whole industry and society.


With firm strides we are crossing its summit. 2018 is an important year of POLYSHINE's "2020" strategy. All POLYSHINE Staff will continue to make concerted efforts to inherit the company's core values of professionalism, integrity, innovation and excellence. In order to achieve their dreams and goals, they will spare no effort to meet the challenges, live up to the beautiful youth and embrace the best era.


Finally, I wish you all a smooth new year! Good health! Happy family!