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Company news

In order to provide users with richer product content and browsing experience and enhance brand image, after several months of design, the brand new official website of PICC will be officially launched on May 18, 2018, and relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

        I. This website revision adheres to the concept of "more focused and more professional". All the current businesses of Pincheng: PC board, PC film, PC modification, PC processing products, etc. The content is more comprehensive and the introduction is more detailed.

        In terms of design, compared with the previous website, it adopts a new visual design style to enhance the experience.

        2. After the official website is revised, the website The only designated official website with full intellectual property rights. After the website goes online, other websites will stop using immediately. All contents shall be subject to the announcement on the official website of the company.

        The new website is still in constant improvement. If you have any comments and suggestions, please leave us a message. Thank you!